Beach Resorts in Tajao
Beach Resorts in Tajao
A trail of various resorts line up the coastline of barangay Tajao, accommodating residents and visitors for fun and relaxation.

Aside from its fresh breeze, fine sand, and a spectacular view of the sunset, staying in any of Tajao’s resorts will give one the relaxing experience of a rural early morning setting wherein fishing boats line up the beach with their catch.

The resorts include the Park Place Beach Resort, the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort, the Tajao Seaside Haven Beach Resort and the Louie Beach Resort.

There is also the Tauhai Garden Beach Resort & Spa which offers water sports and beach activities, as well as diving and snorkeling.

Because the resorts sit practically next to each other, this makes Pinamungajan an ideal place not just for fun and relaxation but also for holding huge gatherings like fun runs and the like.
 Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
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 Beach Resorts in Tajao
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