As one experienced spelunker attests, Pinamungajan is a glorious place for caving enthusiasts.

Its 118 caves serve as a honeycomb of adventures for those who like caving. Most of them are alive and still growing, and had sheltered Cebuanos during the second world war.

Awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites abound in the depths of Pinamungajan’s caves. Some of the caves have a pool of fresh water to swim in, while others remain unexplored.

Most visited is Kamangon cave in barangay Lamac, where 108 of the 118 caves can be found. Its name has the Cebuano root word kamang which means to crawl. This is because one really has to crawl on the ground for a few feet to get inside. The cave’s magnificent ceiling and walls are all worth it.

The others in Pinamungajan’s list of popular caves to visit are Pangi, Limod, Udlom, Kabyaw, Sinungkulan, Nagkawa & Naglapus.

After a grueling exploration, visitors can trek to Udlom and Sinungkulan Falls which are both a walk away from Kamangon Cave to have a refreshing treat.

The Pulta Mayor Cave is also a popular spot for birdwatching.

Because of the huge number of its caves, barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan was picked as venue for the 2004 National Mounting Climbing Congress spearheaded by the Philippine Speleological Society.

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