Twin Falls of Pinamungajan
Twin Falls of Pinamungajan
Pinamungajan has two majestic waterfalls capping the beauty of its mountain ranges: the Sinungkulan Falls and Udlom Falls in barangay Lamac.

Whether at sunrise or sunset, or anytime in between, the two waterfalls of Pinamungajan simply take your breath away.

The sound of running water, the cool breeze from the nearby forest, the sparkling limestone cliffs and the endless green fields under the expanse of the blue sky all make a trip to Pinamungajanís waterfalls worthwhile.  

The trek to the waterfalls is in itself a journey full of stories: the valley that leads to the falls was where it rained ice in 2012 and 2013. The solid rains, like ice cubes bigger than marbles, was something rarely seen in the history of this tropical country.
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