About Pinamungajan
About Pinamungajan

Cool gentle breeze, fresh air, clear waters, awe-inspiring green hills and scenic fields. These, and more of nature’s beauty, are what you will get in the town of Pinamungajan located a mere 70 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Its rustic setting is a place so relaxing and peaceful, one would forget that the busy capital is only over an hour away.

Pinamungajan is situated on the southwestern seaboard of Cebu island, along the scenic Tanon Strait and with a view of the majestic Mt. Kanlaon, the most active volcano in the Visayas group of islands.

Although it can be accessed from various points in Cebu, the quickest way to Pinamungajan from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City is by passing through the scenic Naga-Uling road connecting Naga and Toledo Cities.

The first town immediately south of Toledo City, it has the appeal of a perfect rural environment where streets are not jammed with cars and alien to issues like traffic crawling to a halt.

Pinamungajan is considered a second class town in terms of income category for local government. It belongs to the third legislative district of Cebu and is composed of 26 barangays.

Its landscapes and seascapes are nothing short of sublime. The town has four waterfalls and plenty of caves for those who would like to explore the great outdoors. Family picnics and friends’ get-together are held either on the beach resorts dotting the beaches of barangay Tajao, or on the Campalabo white sandbar which hides from view when the tide is high.      People also flock to barangay Lamac to try the first wavepool in the Visayas, one of many features of Hidden Valley Cooperative’s group of resorts surrounded by nature’s beauty.

The best of Pinamungajan, however, not just lies on its natural resources but also on its people. It is home to thousands of skilled workers who play a crucial role in the ever booming construction industry of Cebu. Many leaders and prominent personalities in their respective fields fondly call Pinamungajan their hometown, while their hometown proudly refers to them as Garbo sa Pinamungajan.  And with the recently established branch of the Cebu Technological University right on their own soil, self-development and growth for all Pinamungajanons are surely right within their grasp.

Pinamungajan is rich in mineral resources, an asset that had brought in more economic benefits to the town by serving as a springboard for the establishment of new industries. As of 2018, the town has seen a P10-billion investment coming in – the first huge investment from the private sector in all of its 168-year history.

Visit Pinamungajan and soak in the experience of being one with nature. Take a refreshing break from the fast life, and indulge in life’s simple pleasures that Pinamungajan can offer.

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