About the Mayor
About the Mayor

To serve, not to rule.

Such is the personal mantra that motivates and inspires Mayor Glenn Baricuatro to steer Pinamungajan to be the best town that it could be. He had the words inscribed on top of the Municipal Hall building in 2013, the moment he first assumed office for the first time as the duly elected mayor.  

Now, midway after his election in 2016 for a second term, the words still remain carved in his heart. He may be the “big boss” of the local government organizational structure but he has no airs and graces.

A frequent activity of his is what he refers to as “Labuk,” from the Cebuano words lakaw (walk) and bukid (mountain). His Labuk or walking up and down the mountain barangays with other town leaders is a manifestation of his enjoyment of physical exercise, his profound love for mother earth, and his sincere desire to see with his own eyes the situation of his people from near or far. Walking 16 kilometers and sometimes 20, Mayor Glenn would lead the trek with other officials across rice paddies, over creeks, into farms, and going into remote sitios to be frequently in touch with Pinamungajanons.

He jogs, and plays tennis, basketball and chess. He established a chess hub under the shade of the iconic acasia tree on the municipal grounds, and improved the tennis court at the Pinamungajan Sports Hub located near the Cebu Institute of Technology University campus, his brainchild.

The tertiary school opened its doors to student before Mayor Glenn’s first year anniversary in office, a testament to his non-stop efforts to provide his people with, foremost of all, an access to better education. The university already produced its first batch of graduates in 2018. Having earned a degree at the University of San Carlos, Mayor Glenn knows the importance of having an educated community.

Aside from building the first university in Pinamungajan, Mayor Glenn also put emphasis on the need for Pinamungajan to entice businesses. His first term saw the historic pouring in of huge investments in the town, such as the P10-billion cement factory of Century Peak and the P300-million Excelsior Farms.
His great grandfather, Francisco Pono Nemenzo, was Pinamungajan mayor during the Japanese period. Two other great grandfathers of his --- Carlos Pono Nemenzo and Rafael Labang Fuentes --  were also mayors. His mother, Rosario Paras Fuentes, was a teacher while his father, Jose Nemenzo Baricuatro, was a poultry farmer.

He was the municipal secretary from 1988 to 1994, and headed the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office for 12 years or until 2007. 

With him at the helm of the Municipal Government, Pinamungajan received awards from the Department of the Interior and Local Government for good financial housekeeping, business-friendliness and competitiveness, peace and order, and environmental management.

He is always pursuing excellence and reminding the municipal government workers to be sincere in giving services to the public. So it's no wonder why Pinamungajan could now be considered the shining star of Cebu’s midwest.

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