Campalabo Sandbar
Campalabo Sandbar

Kissed by the crystal clear waters of the Tañon Strait are the black and dark gray sand beaches of Pinamungajan, owing their color perhaps to their close proximity to Mt. Kanlaon, the highest point in Central Visayas and the region’s most active volcano.

But wonder of wonders:  in between the coastline of Pinamungajan and Negros island, where the volcano mightily stands, spewing hazardous volcanic steam every now and then, lies a strip of beautiful white sand bar.

Measuring one hectare, the sand bar hides itself from the view during high tides. The best time to go there is during the mornings, when it is most visible.

Many people go there in groups for a swim. The Municipal Government built a structure on the islet, for the Bantay Dagat and also to serve as shelter for visitors.

To reach Campalabo Islet, motorcycles are for hire at the town hall in Barangay Poblacion. They can take visitors to Barangay Tajao, on whose waters the Campalabo belong to, about 5.5 km from Poblacion. An information center was put up on the jumpoff point to the sandbar. The center provides information and collects the ecological fee.

Pumpboats will take visitors on a 20-minute ride to the islet and enjoy swimming in the clear waters surrounding it, which is the town’s bestseller in terms of tourism.


Day Tour

Mooring Fee P50.00
Snorkeling Fee P50.00
Scuba Diving Fee P50.00
Environmental Fee/Entrance Fee P50.00


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