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LGU Brief Profile



           Pinamungahan (also spelled Pinamungajan) is a second income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2014 census, it has a population of 57,997 people.

            The municipality was established in the 1815 under the Spanish colonial government in the country. The municipality got its name from the diligent and hardworking people, working hand in hand especially during the agricultural harvest season. “Pinamungajan”, which originated from the Visayan word Pinamuhuan, meaning a worker share for his effort during a farm harvest. Over time the Pinamungajan eventually changed to the current name of the municipality.


            The Municipality of Pinamungajan is located in the southwestern part of the province of Cebu. It is 70 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Cebu City, and can be reached by land transportation via Naga-Uling Road.

            Pinamungajan shates its political boundaries with the following: on the north, by the City of Toledo; on the northeast by the Municipality of Naga, on the south by the municipality of Aloguinsan, on the southeast by the municipalities of San Fernando and Carcar, and on the west by Tañon Strait.


            Pinamungajan, which is composed of 26 barangays, has a total land area of 11, 725.27 hectares.


            Pinamungajan’s climate falls under the third type. This type has no pronounced season. Wet and Rainy days could happen any time of the year. Relatively, however, rainy days usually occur during the months of May to October and the rest of the year could be dry. The area is partly sheltered from the northeast monsoon and trade winds but open to the southwest monsoon that brings in most of the storm.

Municipality of Pinamungajan

Geographical Location

            The Municipality of Pinamungahan is 65 kms. southeast of Cebu City. It is bounded on the South by the Municipality of Aloguinsan; on the North by the City of Toledo; on the East by the Municipalities of Naga and San Fernando; oand on the East by Tañon Strait.


            Annual Income: (as of )

            No. of Barangays:26

            Total Land Area (Cadastral Survey): 11, 725.27


            Land Classification as of ()

·         Arable Area – 1, 447.00 Has.

·         Residential – 265.00 Has.

·         Commercial – 1, 687.00 Has.

·         Industrial – 3, 063.00 Has.

·         Certified Alienable/Disposable Land – 3,950.77 Has.

·         Classified Forest/Reservation/Timberland – 523.00 Has.

·         Wildlife/Military Reserve Land – 200.00 Has.

·         Unclassified Forest Land/Wilderness – 587.00 Has.

·         National Park/Playground – 2.00 Has.


            Generally mountainous and hilly with steep ridges. Rocky mountains are visible at the central portion of the mountain.


            Third Type of no pronounced season, dry from January to May and wet for the rest of the year.

Soil Type:

            Hydrosol Beach sand Faraon Clay Lugo Clay Faraon clay steep phase Mandaue clay loam Bolinao clay


            Population: (Latest NCSO Survey-2012) 61, 831

            No. of Household: 12, 593                    

            Labor Force: 19, 000

Infrastructure and Utilities Road Network

            National Road: 11.00 kms.

            Provincial Road: 15.00 kms

            Municipal Road: 8.14 kms

            Barangay Road: 59.384 kms.

            Ports (Domestic/International):

            Airport (if any):

            Schools (Public & Private)

                        Elementary: 24

                        High School: 6

                        College: 1

                        Public Library: 2

                        Multi-purpose Building: 25

                        Reacreation Courts/Centers: 20

            Transportation Services

                        No. of Buses: 17

                        No. of Jeepneys: 47

                        No. of Tricycle: 49

                        No. of Trisikads:  61


                        No. of Post Office: 1

                        No. of Telephone Stations: 1

                        No. of Telex Services: 1

                        No. of Telegraphic Stations: 1


                        Source of Electricity: CEBECO

                        No. of Barangay Served: 10

                        No. Household Served: unaccounted


                        Source of Water: Mun. Water System

                        No. of Households Served:

                        Cost per M3 Commercial Residential:

                                    0-10  P 140.00

                                    0-10  P 70.00

                                    11-20   14.00

                                    11-20    7.00

                                    21-30  15.40

                                    21-30   7.70

                                    31-above 18.20

                                    31-above 9.10

            Financial Intermediaries

                        No. of Commercial Banks and Money Shops: None

                        No. of Government Banks: None

                        No. of Savings Banks: None

                        No. Rural Banks: 1

                        No. of Lending/Financing Institutions: 1

                        No. of Cooperative within the area: 16

Trade and Industry

            Commercial Establishments

            Type of Business                            No. of Establishments

            Sari-sari Store                                    -           212

            Restaurants & Cafeterias     -           20

            Fresh Fish & Meat Retailers            -           22

            General Merchandising        -           2

            Service and Repair Shops     -           7

            Tailoring & Dress Shops       -           4

            Pawnshops & Lending Investments- 1

            Lumber and Hardwares       -           3

            Pharmacies and Drug Stores           -           1

            Marketing Firms(Appliances, furniture, etc – 1

            Gasoline Station                    -           2

            Bakeries                                 -           5

            Photo Shops & Beauty Parlors-        1

            Others (Pls. Specify)

Raw materials available within area:

            Types of Materials

1.       Root Crops

2.      Corn

3.      Banana

4.      Siapo

5.      Legumes

6.      Rice

7.      Fish/Prawn farms

8.      Coco Midribs

9.      Vegetables

10.   Coconut

11.    Tikog

12.   Bamboo

Livestock and Poultry

(Names of existing Commercial farms within the area)

1.       Baricuatro Poultry

2.      Carvellida Poultry

3.      Malusay Poultry

4.      Tellidua Poultry

5.      Intong Poultry

6.      L. Alpas Poultry

7.      P. Gepitulan Poultry

8.      Cuaycong Poultry

9.      E. Yapha Livestock

10.   Tangarorang Livestock

Existing Skills

Ø  Welding

Ø  Hi-speed Sewing

Ø  Carpentry

Ø  Plumbing

Ø  Masonry

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